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 Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business. 


Andromeda is a member only fine wine merchant that specializes in the sourcing and sale of rare wines and spirits. 


There are no minimum spends, no annual membership fees, no having to buy an ocean of wines you don’t want, just to get a few of the ones you do.


Every wine sold through Andromeda is guaranteed and authenticated through Wainwright Advisors so you can rest assured that what you get is the genuine article. We deal only with the best, and often direct.


Not being tied in year on year pushing an agency portfolio we can exercise the single pursuit of excellence, seeking out only the best.


There is no over the top marketing, we simply focus on quality to the extreme. 

We believe in balanced and fair pricing always.



want lists


The Andromeda business primarily grew out of a demand by both private and trade clients for sourcing. As this demand steadily increased a stand-alone business was needed in order to properly facilitate these requests. Thus Andromeda was born. What ever you are looking for, be that 19th century Cognac, 1930s Chartreuse, rare single malt whisky, rare Bourbon, mature Champagne and of course rare wines, we are your source. With all of these getting harder and harder and find, we highly recommend sending us your want lists.

Over 60% of what we sell is sold responding to want lists and sourcing requests.



Any special event you can think of, we can handle. Wedding banquets, corporate functions, small private dinners, big bottle events, verticals of la Tache, blind tastings of rare Bordeaux, birthdays, comparative tastings, lunch in Burgundy, dinner in Champagne, group tastings in Napa, you get the picture. If you need something special putting together, please get in touch.



Whether, it’s birth year wines, Chinese New Year gifts, corporate gifts, anniversaries, birthdays or simply to say thank you. We stock a fine array of rare back vintages solely for this purpose. Choose from rare Cognacs, whiskies and wines, and if we don’t have what you are after, we can draw from an unrivalled group of private collectors, producers and trade stock to get you what you want.

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